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Repairing commercial and residential plumbing should be done by certified plumbers. Pipe Pros consists of professionals that underwent training and licensing.


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Emergency Plumbing Service

Have peace of mind knowing that whenever plumbing issues arise, no matter what time, our emergency plumber will arrive at your location to fix the problem. Pipe Pros can provide emergency services to customers.

Cost To Plumb A House

As a customer, one of the initial things you might want to know is the cost estimate. When you call our customer care, our friendly staff can provide the cost to plumb a residential or commercial property.

Trustworthy and Reliable

Pipe Pros provides certified plumbing to keep your home or office safe and clean. Our team will not be satisfied until the goal of our customers is met. With highly trained city plumbers, we guarantee outstanding service.

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Plumber On-Demand in Newark NJ

Serving Newark, NJ and the surrounding communities, Pipe Pros is backed by honest, skilled, and certified local plumbers. We are not only a reputable full-service sewer and drain repair company, but we also employ knowledgeable and determined  technicians who can:

  • Correct plumbing issues
  • Use the right methods and tools
  • Offer a state-of-the-art approach without draining the budget
  • Conduct analysis and solutions to complex drain and sewer issues

When looking for a professional plumber in Newark, you cannot simply choose local plumbers near your location. Commercial plumbing companies can send a stereotypical plumber that will perform a sloppy job. But that is not what you deserve!

An expert plumber on the other hand, and one that is committed to the work, can make sure your plumbing dilemma will be gone for good. You do not need a genie to mend your plumbing issues. Our customers are all satisfied with our above-and-beyond services. Let us help you out!


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Commercial Plumbing

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Residential Plumbing

Our list of residential and commercial plumbing services comprise of:

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Do not let damaged water pipes ruin your daily activities. Once a plumbing fixture starts leaking, take care of it immediately. Our plumbing experts at Pipe Pros will inspect and fix leaks and breaks.

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The kitchen is one of the places where people gather at home. A fully functioning plumbing fixture that will provide clear and clean water is important for the safety of all occupants. If you need kitchen plumbing services, we are the people to call.

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A toilet that has a broken flush or won’t unclog is one of the most annoying things. Yes, you can apply a DIY solution to this plumbing problem, but it is best to hire a professional plumber who specializes in bathroom plumbing to correctly and completely eliminate the issue. We have handled numerous bathroom plumbing problems, and are confident we can really help.

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Anything about leaking water pipes, we can fix! Over time, water pipes will corrode and deteriorate. And due to water pressure, it could crack causing the further weakening of the pipes and faucets. Usually, this kind of problem needs re-piping or replacement

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Does your water have a rusty or black color? Is the water pressure low even when the faucet or shower is open all the way? Are you experiencing frequent clogging? These are typical signs that you need to do some re-piping. Our commercial and residential plumbing services can help tackle this task for you.

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Water contamination is dangerous, which is why it is imperative to conduct testing and backflow prevention at least once a year. If you are doing an annual test, replacement, or repair, make an appointment with Pipe Pros. Our expert plumbers and technicians will be at your place to assist you right away.

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There are several causes for drains to clog like small debris getting trapped inside the pipes. Whatever the reason is, if not dealt with immediately, it might transform into a more serious and costly complication. If you are experiencing persistent clogged drains, give Pipe Pros a call. We will visit your location, inspect and analyze your needs, and offer an approach that will best eliminate this problem.

If you are intrigued as to what our plumbing repair services involve, call us! You deserve only the best-rated plumbers near you. We are the Newark city plumbers you need.

Contact Pipe Pros For Your Plumbing Needs

That is right! When it comes to home plumbing, commercial plumbing, or if you need an emergency plumber, Pipe Pros is here to help. We perform superior professional plumbing services in Newark, NJ. 

Our plumbing contractors and experts take great pride in efficiently and effectively administering plumbing works and keep plumbing costs under control when possible. Pipe Pros is committed to providing home and business owners the best plumbing and heating services. Same with our friends at Fort Mcmurray Plumber

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