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Have hot water when you need it! We offer complete plumbing services in Newark, NJ. Our crew of expert plumbers can handle plumbing projects of all sizes. 

  • Skilled and prompt  technicians
  • Meticulous plumbers who specialize in commercial and residential projects
  • Advance knowledge on inspection, installation, and repair for all types of  water heater systems

Pipe Pros knows how difficult it is to deal with a malfunctioning water heater. If your water heater goes out unexpectedly, call us!

Water Heater Repair In Newark, NJ

Water heaters are important to keep your home or business comfortable, especially during cold seasons. That is why expert plumbers would often recommend having the water heater checked up annually. 

Here is what you can expect from our water heater installation and maintenance service:

Water heater and pressure tank installation

Our plumbing company in Newark, NJ is capable of installing new water heaters into your household or office. We’ll even include tank removal service if we do a new installation. 

Water system inspection

Sediments, debris, and mould buildup can damage your water heater. Frequent analysis of the condition of water lines can greatly reduce risks and decelerate the ageing of the equipment.

Water heater repair

Our team can troubleshoot any issues you might have. Most of the time, repairing the water heater is sufficient.

Replace parts of the water heater

Upon inspection of the water heater by our expert plumbers, we will give an initial assessment of whether replacement of parts or the whole system is necessary. In some projects we have handled, replacement of water heater parts improves the performance and reliability of the system

Advice on ways to best extend the equipment's use

You will receive professional insights on how to properly use and maintain the water heater. We will also give you some tips on what to do in case another plumbing problem arises.

If you need a team of professional technicians and plumbers, we are the company to call. Pipe Pros acts fast, our crew will be at your business or home promptly to handle your broken water heater.

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You Should Order For A Water Heater Maintenance In Newark

  • Have you ever been struck with cold water while showering
  • Notice fluctuating water temperature every time you shower or use the faucet?
  • Woken up to knocking noises coming from the water system?

You need a seasoned plumber to diagnose your water heater system. 

Who wants to shower with cold water because the water heater broke? Not us! No one wants brown-tinted or rusty coloured water. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help avoid these awful surprises.


Hiring a professional plumbing company will help in keeping a drain clear, and catch leaks and damages early on. Yes, water heaters are manufactured to last for about a decade, but that does not mean you can continue using the equipment without proper maintenance.

Pipe Pros is a credible plumbing company in Newark, NJ that can solve your water heater issues. Let us know what your plumbing needs.

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