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Does your water have a strange color or smell? Does it make your skin itch? Now you can stop stressing about these plumbing problems by partnering with Pipe Pros. 

  • The water softener is not working, right?
  • Need to fix the water system and filter?

Take a look at the affordable water filtration and softening service in Newark, NJ we offer. Or call us to find out how you can best resolve these water system issues

What Is A Water System?

Simply put, water systems involve the filtration of hard water or untreated water which consists of harmful minerals that could cause illness to humans and animals or damage to utility systems. Here is what the process entails:


  • Disinfection
  • Filtration
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Distillation
  • Water softening

Your water system needs continual maintenance to keep appliances performing at their best. To avoid having expensive repairs and putting your health at risk, ensure professional inspections and repairs are done annually.

Do You Need Water Softener?

Homes or businesses using water directly from the ground are most likely to be required to have softening treatment. A water treatment system is important to guarantee these safety precautions. 


Newark is an area where water and wastewater regulations are enforced. To avoid heavy fines and legal issues, consult with a seasoned plumbing company in Newark, NJ.


If your home or business is using city or well water, our water treatment system is perfect!. Our water softening process will correct situations like the abnormal color of water and dull water pressure.


Protect everyone in your home from the dangers of sediments, chlorine, and rust smells, and other drinking water problems today. Call Pipe Pros now to find out what we can do to help you.

Benefits Of Water Softener

There are many advantages to hiring our team of professional plumbers to install a home water softener in your household.

Extends the life of home devices and appliances

Minerals found in untreated water can enter parts of home appliances and damage them. Water softening can prolong the usage of such appliances by reducing the buildup of calcium and magnesium that hardens in the water.

Help in keeping water drain clear

Soft water contributes to healthy water pressure. It also leaves no trace of minerals that can wear or damage the utility systems.

Protect the environment

Unlike hard water, soft water heats more efficiently. That means less energy use, less emission of gas, and a lower electricity bill.

Decrease the need to do replacement or repair

A water softener does not contain foreign contaminants, unlike hard or untreated water. As a result, it significantly reduces strain on the plumbing system; decreasing the need for repairs. 

Pipe Pros offers effective treatment of water and quality maintenance of water systems. If you are looking for a Newark plumber that can handle water treatment systems, call us.

Have An Expert Plumber In Newark Install Home Water Softener

When you choose Pipe Pros, you are taking advantage of our:


  • Eco-friendly approaches and water treatment system plans.
  • Superior plumbing work by professional plumbing contractors.
  • Filtering and maintenance will keep the plumbing system on par with regulations and standards.
  • Newark water softener installation experts’ skills and knowledge. 
  • Genuine concern and goals to leave our clients highly satisfied with our plumbing work.


We are a plumbing company in Newark, NJ and proud to offer high-quality services for water treatment systems. You’ll be happy you called us. Visit our friends at Party Bus Newark for more quality service. 

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