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HVAC and plumbing emergencies are not unlikely to happen. Pipe pros offers comprehensive emergency plumbing services to the rescue. 


  • Flooding toilet floor
  • Leaking faucets
  • Sump pump failure
  • Clogged drain
  • Sewer line damage
  • Noises from the water heater 
  • Water heater breaks
  • Stopped up sink drain


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Emergency Plumber In Newark

Pipe pros has been serving communities in Newark, NJ for years. We understand the community and what our customers need. All of our clients trust Pipe Pros for emergency plumbing services.


  • We make sure that our new and old customers get above and beyond the standards of plumbing services.
  • As a professional plumbing company in Newark, NJ our team of expert plumbers care about getting the job done correctly the first time.
  • We operate in a friendly environment and treat each client like family.
  • Our strong, positive reputation was built through a series of successful plumbing works.


Call our office now to speak with one of our seasoned plumbers, or learn more about our services through our knowledgeable members.

Dealing With Newark Plumbing Problems

Any issue or failure in the plumbing system can quickly spiral out of control.  If not repaired as soon as possible, such problems will become big nuisances. 

Repairing leaking faucets or pipes

When approaching a broken pipe or faucet, it is crucial to find where exactly the leak is coming from. In most cases, a leak starts from either the joint or a puncture in the pipe. Tightening the joint or wrapping the pipe with rubber might do the trick.

Fixing water heater malfunction

Encountering issues with the water heater system is not uncommon. Typical failures include the water having a strange colour, the temperature continuously fluctuating from hot or cold, or clunking noises coming from the heater. Simply flushing the water tank might solve the problem, but consulting an expert plumber is the best move forward.

Replacing busted water pipes

A blown pipe can release a hundred gallons of water in just a few hours. A seemingly small leak can lead to corrosion in the water system. Sooner or later the corroded pipe could crack and explode and create bigger damage. When a pipe bursts, turn off the main water valve.

Fixing overflowing toilet

In most cases, a malfunctioning toilet is due to debris trapped in the pipes. A severe clog should be addressed by a professional emergency plumber. While waiting for the plumbing company to arrive, turn off the water valve and start removing anything in the toilet that could impede the plumbing work.

Handling gas line blockage

Gas leaks or blockages can lead to gas-powered appliance damage and pose serious health risks. Inhaling gas is poisonous for both people and pets. When you notice signs of a gas leak in your home, shut off the gas line right away. Leaks and blockage in the gas lines should be repaired by professionals.

Give Pipe pros a call to discuss with our staff your emergency plumbing needs. Consider working with licensed or professionals to repair any plumbing issues. 



emergency plumber
emergency plumber
emergency plumber

Call An Emergency Plumber

Unless you have prior experience fixing plumbing problems, repairing them can be quite difficult. First, do not panic. If you are encountering small leaks or flooding in the toilet, patching the source of a leak or shutting the water valve will avoid extensive damage. 


What you need is the assistance of a seasoned team of emergency plumbers to lend a hand whenever you need it. The emergency response team at Pipe Pros is ready to handle any situation.

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