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Dripping faucets are annoying to listen to and wasteful. At Pipe Pros, our plumbers are trained to find the leak and solve the problem right away. Our team has years of experience in faucet & leak repair, and we would love to help you get back peace of mind.

Newark Plumbing & Leak Repair Experts

Detecting small leaks early on is important to prevent pipe ruptures that can cause extensive damage. While some leaks are easier to find, especially when the damaged pipes are exposed, leaking pipes that are routed behind the walls or under the floor can be hard to identify.

Our faucet & leak repair services include:

  • Looking for the broken water pipes
  • Fixing dripping faucets
  • Replacing showerheads
  • Repairing toilet flapper
  • Checking pressure valves, inlets, and outlets
  • Fixing leaking pipes behind the walls
  • Tightening loose connections between pipes
  • Replacing leaking pipes
  • Install new faucets
  • Replacing worn-out gaskets or  washers
  • Ensuring your plumbing system is tight and working

Pipe Pros has been serving customers for years. Our technicians come equipped with skills and knowledge, as well as the proper repair tools. 

Get in touch with us today for full details on how much faucet leak repairs cost.

Signs Of Water Leak And What To Do About Them

Many people do not know how to spot a leak, especially when it is out of sight. Here are some events to look out for around your property.

  • An unexplained spike in your water bill
  • Dampness and mold in the house
  • Aging or broken pipes falling off
  • Reduced water pressure
  • Improper installation of water lines and loose fittings
  • A dripping sound behind your walls
  • Stains or discoloration on the walls and ceilings
  • Puddles in the basement, crawlspace, or outside the home where water lines are located


Regardless of what caused the leak, fixing the issue immediately will avoid encountering more costly damages. Scheduling a leak detection by professional plumbers in Newark, NJ, will help pinpoint any minor or major plumbing emergencies quickly and efficiently.


Preventive maintenance, like preventing mobile home water pipe freezing, is the best way to avert existing leaks from becoming bigger and costlier problems. But before calling for plumbing repair services, here is what we recommend to do:


  • Know where the water shut-off valve is located and turn it to the lowest point to avoid further leaks.
  • Wrap duct tape or electrical tape, or apply a putty around pipes with holes.
  • Take photographs of the damaged faucet or pipe for documentation.
  • Call Pipe Pros, located in Newark, NJ for unmatched faucet and leak repair services.


Trust Pipe pros For Your Plumbing Needs

Pipe Pros can handle all kinds of faucet & leak problems. We can provide plumbing leak repair services involving: 

  • Kitchen faucet leak repair
  • Dripping faucet shower repair
  • Garden faucet leak repair
  • Sink faucet leak repair
  • Utility faucet leak repair
  • Bathroom faucet leak repair
  • Frozen pipes

Leaking faucet? Our expert team at Pipe Pros has the right skills and experience to tackle pipe bursts and broken faucets. We are available to perform plumbing inspection, installation, maintenance, or repairs.

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You can trust Pipe Pros to help you. We are customer-focused and determined to give exceptional service with every project we do. To schedule a visit by a Pipe Pros expert plumber, please call us today!

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